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Streamlined Filing Procedures

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Streamlined Filing Procedures: $1300

In order to catch up on unfiled returns the IRS only requires the past 3 years of Federal Tax Returns and the past 6 years of FBARs be filed. As of June 2014, the IRS has waived all late filing and FBAR penalties for those whose lack of filing was non-willful.

Tax returns for the last three years that a tax return is due (for example if filing in 2019, submit the 2016, 2017 and 2018 tax returns). A statement on the Certification or form 14653. Get in compliance and stop the worries.

Included in our flat fee:

  • 3 years of Federal Tax Returns
  • Narrative statement of facts portion Form 14653
  • 6 years of FBARs

We understand that it can be stressful to be behind on your US taxes, but we have particular expertise in helping US expats get caught up using the Streamlined Filing Procedures. We’ve created this special Streamlined Filing Package with a flat fee to save you money and make getting caught up as hassle-free as possible!