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Late Federal Tax Return Preparation

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Late Federal Tax Return Preparation: $350

Included in our flat fee:

  • Flat fee includes all standard expat forms: Forms 1040, 1116, 2555
  • All standard schedules: A, E (one rental property), B (up to 10 Bank Interest/Dividend entries), D (up to 10 brokerage transactions), and K-1's (up to three).

If you have more than these, no problem. We can easily accommodate your particular circumstance.

If you are behind more than one year on your US taxes, we can help US expats get caught up using the Streamlined Filing Procedures.

For those utilizing the Streamlined Filing Procedures to get caught up, the IRS requires 3 delinquent years of Federal Tax Returns and the past 6 years of FBARs to be filed. As of June 2014, the IRS has waived all late filing and FBAR penalties for those whose lack of filing was non-willful.